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Threats and Challenges-IAPTI III Picture

I’ve often been told that I need to get out more. In the 28 years that I’ve been an independent technical translator, I’ve been to three translators’ conferences: in 1991 it was the Second IJET Conference in San Francisco and in 1997 the 38th ATA Conference, also in San Francisco. For those who don’t know, IJET stands for International Japanese-English Translation Conference, and ATA stands for American Translators Association.

Truth be told, I participated in the those two conferences mostly because back then I lived in San Francisco, or 45 minutes away at the time of the ATA conference. This time around, I decided to give a presentation at the Third IAPTI Conference, held September 3-7 in Bordeaux, France.

What are the chances that your airplane will be diverted to a different airport, the guy sitting next to you will barf on you and once you arrive to your destination…

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