Today I received the following e-mail in my inbox:


Bonjour Isabelle F.,

Je souhaiterais rejoindre votre réseau sur LinkedIn.

Polyglot Service

Polyglot Service

International freelance marketplace


Voir le profil

I look at their LinkedIn profile, since they seem to be in the translation business:


In LinkedIn, it says:

Freelance marketplace


mars 2015 – Aujourd’hui (1 an 1 mois)Ukraine

Polyglot is an international platform for lingualancers (freelance linguists) which unites translators, copywriters, tutors, guides and those who need their services.


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    Anniversaire 24 mars
  • Conseils pour contacter Polyglot

    Join the community of polyglots-lingualancers (linguisticfreelancers) on the specialized platform for language specialists and start earning money remotely.
    Register on Polyglot freelance platform:

    Complete your account, specify your skills, add your portfolio, past work experience, certificates, diplomas, examples of your work (at your discretion). All this including rates and comments (you receive after the completion of work) will influence your account ranking in search results when choosing executors.

    Follow orders and bid on them. The Safe Deal Service and compulsory comments are provided on the website. In your account settings choose frequency of email notifications suitable for you. ***Owners of PRO accounts receive instant email notifications about new orders***.

    Wish you prolific work on Polyglot.

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning regsitration on the website.


So I take the time to quickly explore their website and register a quick profile.


Then I find the famous page about PRO accounts: which says (in terrible English…):


Home/My account/Pro membership

Pro account:

– ***You are in the directory – above the rest – in a separate area of PRO*** !!!
– The ability to place in directory freelancers 5 specializations
– The increase in the rating of 20%
1 month : 9$ per month = 9$ per month – Buy
3 months : 24$ per 3 month = 8$ per month – Buy
6 months : 39$ per 6 month = 6,5$ per month – Buy
1 year : 59$ per 1 year = 4,95$ per month – Buy
THIS IS CHEATING CUSTOMERS since they do not find the BEST translators on top of the translators directory, but those who HAVE PAID a monthly fee… which ONLY gives them the right to BID THE LOWEST RATE POSSIBLE and have their time stolen every time!!!
And whether translators have opportunities to bid on translation projects or not, they still have to pay every month!
– The customer is not sure of getting good translators.
– The translator is not sure of getting any jobs.
– The only winner here is the owner of the platform!
This to me is just another online platform FRAUD (SWINDLE)!