“Boutique #translation agency”, “Full-service #t9n agency” and “#LSP (#Language Service Provider)” explained. #xl8

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Clients – people who need to have something translated from and into various languages, whether they be private individuals, employees working in companies (or for example patent lawyers who need to have texts of patent applications translated into and from different languages), are often confused, baffled and stumped by trendy terms that are used in the modern translation industry because these terms are not exactly self-explanatory. Today’s blog post clarifies a few of these terms.

1. Boutique Translation Agency

The term ‘boutique’ usually means a shop specializing in something, such as ladies handbags, or men’s and women’s wristwatches. But in this case the term refers to a translation agency that is quite small, by any objective standard. The word ‘boutique’ is code for ‘small’ in the same way the word ‘cozy’ is code for ‘small’ in the real estate business – no real estate industry professional worth his or her…

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