How a patent #xl8-or chooses his subcontractors for patent #t9n work

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It’s not that I’m choosy – but I am particular”.

This was what a Japanese woman who was looking for a prospective husband in San Francisco told me once, more than 30 years ago. Incidentally, she did not find the man she was looking for and returned to Japan, although she would have preferred to stay in America. A few years later I heard that she got a really good, well-paying executive job with a Japanese company in Tokyo, partly thanks to her fluency in English.

She is probably better off without an American husband. I certainly hope so.

It’s not that I am choosy when it comes to who I pick to help me with my translations, but I am definitely very particular. I believe the same principle that applies to husbands and wives also applies also to translators and their work.

Despite the fact that I am bombarded…

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