About Prompsit MT plugin in Trados Studio

Currently (March 2017) the Prompsit MT plugin is based on the pairs available in Apertium. Apertium is a rule-based free/open-source machine translation platform. Apertium is aimed at related-language pairs, i.e. Spanish and Portuguese, Swedish and Danish or Kazakh and Tatar. Our plugin supports all language pairs released in the platform, but please take into account that not all of them are useful for postediting. A rule of thumb: the closer the languages, the better the performance.

Apertium is superfast, handles tags, is fully customisable (paid feature) and very good for closely-related languages. More info on Apertium and supported languages at http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Main_Page

Source: http://www.prompsit.com/go/sdl-trados-plugins/