I am a much better legal translator than any failed lawyer, reluctantly turned into a frustrated ‘lawyer-translator’ or ‘juritranslator’:

– I have followed law classes for nine (9) years;

– I have two (2) master’s degrees;

– I have fifteen (15) years of translation experience;

– I love my job;

– I have an above-average IQ;

– I have learned how to parse long sentences since the age of 12;

– I started translating from Latin and ancient Greek into French (and vice-versa) at the age of 12;

– I totally master my target language, French;

– I master French for Belgium and for France;

– I also master my source languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, and have a good understanding of German;

– I have followed Belgian and European law classes, specialising in commercial and labour laws;

– I have more maturity and life experience than any youngster starting off as a junior translator;

– I am much better trained and experienced in translating legal matters than any bilingual lawyer turned into an amateur translator;

– I only translate into my mother tongue, so I am much better than any bilingual lawyer turned into an amateur translator who thinks he or she can translate into his or her foreign languages in order to increase his or her business volume;

=> Give it a try with a small (or long!) text, or ask some of the people who can recommend my services (lawyer clients, the Belgian Justice system, and dozens of other more than satisfied clients over the years)!