Forget about extortion/torture tools and Language Sausage Providers!

Send your emails immediately to DIRECT CUSTOMERS.

You’ll NEVER make a living with intermediaries, NEVER and promoting your services to intermediaries takes a lot of time too anyway (free tests, doing their job by filling out registration forms, reading long Non-Disclosure Agreements in a foreign language with immoral if not illegal clauses, and then being asked MORE AND MORE as time goes by, including LOWERING you rates after several years of good services!).

GAIN TIME AND MONEY: forget about illegal CAT tools and abusive intermediaries: go for DIRECT CLIENTS IMMEDIATELY.

My fifty cents…

Using MS Word with Autocorrect as a termbase is MUCH FASTER and it’s for free.

Agency rates are a huge 50% rebate over the sole and only BASE RATE, which is the DIRECT CUSTOMER RATE: it is IMPOSSIBLE TO DEDUCT FURTHER FUZZY MATCH REBATES: you’ll go BANKRUPT.

Forget it altogether.

Stop being so naïve: those crooks do not care if you die tomorrow, you are not their employee.

They try to have the best of both worlds: almost ’employees’ but not having to remunerate them as they should.

If you are a FREELANCER, you deserve DIRECT clients! Why accept to be a SUB-SLAVE in advance?

The agency business model DOES NOT WORK ANY MORE: since the year 2000, the Internet and CAT tools, all sorts of non-translating CROOKS have improvised themselves as translation intermediaries and they compete on PRICES AND SPEED, which are the EXACT RECIPE FOR BAD QUALITY.

QUALITY is CLIENTs’ FIRST CONCERN, speed comes second and price only third, as per a recent SDL market study!

Before the year 2000, translation agencies knew what they were doing and competed on QUALITY, thus DEFENDING RATES and REASONABLE PRODUCTION DELAYS.


They will DESTROY YOUR HEALTH, which is your MOST PRECIOUS ASSET as a freelancer.


The market is COMPLETELY UNREGULATED, except maybe for sworn translators…

There are way too many amateurs on the market, whether they are untrained bilingual typists improvising themselves as ‘translators’ or purely commercial people, usually monolingual without the least training in linguistics, improvising themselves as ‘translation agencies’ and/or ‘computer-aided translation programme’ producers: the same kind of incompetent crooks who think that a computer can translate…