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Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Belgian time

Belgian time zone:

  • “Winter time”: GMT+1 from the last Sunday of October to the last Saturday of March
  • “Summer time”: GMT+2 from the last Sunday of March to the last Saturday of October

You will be requested to submit the file(s) that need translating/revising/proofreading/etc in the next few hours, after checking your request and your company.

This gives you extra time to make sure the eventual source text is easily understandable by the translator: no typos, no spelling, grammar nor punctuation mistakes, no inconsistencies, no useless redundancies, understandable style, etc.
Please note that this will probably change your word count.
In this case, please indicate your above word count as being approximate.
Thank you.

Learn more about Isabelle Brucher’s service offer via her online profiles:

LinkedIn profile including recommendations and a printscreen copy of Isabelle Brucher’s top ratings showing how well she could help other translators with their translations from English, Dutch and Spanish to French.

Google+ profile

Viadeo profile

Other useful link(s):



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